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Manage Factory Teams

1. To manage the factory teams, it is necessary to click in ‘Users’ in the settings. Once, click in ‘Manage Factory Teams’ 2. The next step is click in the

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Edit standards

1. The standard can only be modified in the app. Each time you change a standard, a new version will be created. In addition, this new version must be approved

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Delete observations

1. Open the Observation app and once you have navigated to the perimeter in which you are working, the “Edit” button will appear at the top of the observations list.

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Factory Selection

1. Open any of the MPS applications and click on the Settings wheel in the lower right margin. 2. Select “Factory Selection” to change into the desired plant 3. A

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How to manage users

1. As uber, it is possible to manage users. Please, go to the Dashboard and click on the configuration symbol (wheel) above on the right.   2. Now, please click

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Create operators

1. To create operators, it is needed to access to the system settings 2. Click in ‘People’ section and then in ‘Manage the factory users’ 3. Then, to create a

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Language Settings

1. In the case you are already logged in and want to change the language, please click above on the right on your username and click on “Logout”. You will

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